How to get the most out of your Nia experience


Dress for Passion: Wear cool, loose fitting clothing that makes you feel fabulous, comfortable, playful and delicious.

Take off Your Shoes: Use the 7,000 nerve endings in the soles of each foot to move in safe and efficient ways. While bare feet are best, feel free to wear a soft, flexible shoe.

Listen to the Voice of your Body: Seek the sensation of pleasure, and listen to cues  from your body to slow down, stop, or adapt what you do.

Seek Dynamic Ease: Never force a motion. Move within your own comfort zone. Capture the rhyme and rhythm of the moves form your Base (feet and legs), then your Core (pelvis-chest-head), and then your Upper Extremities (hands and arms).

Express Yourself: Nia is meant to be the dance of Your Body's Way. Be yourself

and have fun!

Breathe and Make Sound: Use your voice, sounding to blend body motions while breathing. Inhale by smelling the moment, and exhale with sound to condition and engage your core.

Protect your knees: Sink gently, and whenever you lower your body weight, feel

your buttocks move back and behind you to avoid pushing your knees to the front.

Engage your spine: Keep your spine strong, mobile and flexible by moving an imaginary ring of air around your waist and neck and by using your eyes to look all around.

Use your Hands: Generate powerful and graceful arm movements by engaging your hands,touching the space outside of you. Keep your wrist, elbow and shoulder joints mobile and relaxed to obtain power and grace.

Love your Body: Everything in your life is perceived though the body, your body. Loving your body as it is now is the best way to heal and transform your body and your life.

Dance Though Life: No matter what your condition or level of fitness, movement will improve your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. For best results, dance Nia three times a week. Vary time and intensity.

For more information visit:

Nia International Headquarters

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